There will always be some concerns and worrisome questions in a tourist’s mind while travelling to a different country for medical purposes; Will the treatment be worthwhile for the travel? Will finances be a problem? Will the medical team of Doctors and Nurses be able to handle the illness and treatment adroitly?
Therefore, in-depth and meticulous research into India’s Medical Tourism is vitally important. 

Medical Tourism is a rising trend in developing countries and India has emerged as the 2nd best country for it in the world as of 2021. It had acquired an exceptional reputation as the hub of cultural and medicinal progress since ancient times. 
Now, it provides world-class healthcare services to tourists from all over the world which are not only immensely cost-effective but also rank amongst the top 5 nations for their remarkable quality. 

In comparison to Western or Developed Countries, where not just private but public health care services have become largely expensive, India offers a remedy. Here, minor to major surgical procedures cost next to nothing in contrast to the treatments in Britain or America. The perks of travelling to India for medical care are endless, from the par excellent services, an extensive range of treatment options, finest and experienced doctors, to significantly low waiting time.

There are 3 reasons listed below that contribute to India’s Medical Tourism

Financial Savings

Undoubtedly, when it comes to medical treatments, quality takes precedence over cost. Consequently, the Indian healthcare system is undeniably prioritizing quality services while also focusing on affordability. This partnership of cost savings and high-class treatment has become an unsurpassable advantage. 

Here, foreign patients retain savings ranging from 65% to 90% depending upon their native country. Canadian citizens get an added advantage of 75% of expenses reimbursements. Major surgeries like heart-bypass or complete transplants cost a tiny fraction in contrast to America’s exorbitant prices. 

Even the renowned pharmaceutical companies in India provide the best quality drugs and medicines at a very reasonable rate as compared to Western countries. The Government of India has also joined hands with the private sector by implementing indirect subsidies for medical tourists. 

Accredited Facilities & More

The materialization of policies like Medical Visas and eMedical Visas have made the travel process even more effortless as it allows numerous entries and longer stay periods. The Union Home Ministry announced recently that foreigners availing treatment in any region of the country, apart from organ transplant, can do so without visas as well.  

Additionally, India also maintains a potent accredited system that encompasses various global-level facilities and infrastructure. States like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and Bangalore also enjoy JCI(Joint Commission International) accredited hospitals. Apart from these facilities, the Indian Government managed to provide telephonic consultations as well through their Medical Value Travel(MVT) Companies. 

Wide-Ranging Services

The medical industry has estimated that a growing population of several thousands of tourists, majorly from Africa and Asia, visit India to seek its long list of services. They are admitted to private hospitals for a broad-spectrum of conditions like Cancer, Heart diseases, and Neurological Surgeries. 

Indian hospitals and other medical institutions also equip and avail all kinds of amenities under one roof like Dentistry, Physiotherapies, Cardiology Department, Paediatrics Surgery, and more. 

India’s success as a leading destination for Medical Tourism cannot just be ascribed to the Government’s efforts but the important role played by the private sector should also be applauded. Private companies have earnestly raised Indian infrastructure to the levels of international standards. Both, public and private healthcare professionals have developed a good deal of medical expertise with foreign patients, leading to greater revenue generation.

The country ranks in the top 5 both on the Medical Tourism Index globally and in Asia as per the International Healthcare and Research Centre statistics. Despite the above, India is facing great competition from neighboring countries like Malaysia and Singapore. But with the joint effort of Government and Private players in converting their endeavors and resolution into actions, it can rise to fame as the hub of medical tourism in the future.