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Awards and Accolades

About Wooridul Spine Hospital

Wooridul Medical Cooperation Center establishes a more active medical delivery system to provide an opportunity for mutual development with local hospitals and clinics, and to cooperative hospitals and clinics and patients who commissioned them with the know-how accumulated for 30 years as a spinal hospital. We want to provide accurate medical services. In addition, for efficient treatment of requested patients, we are in charge of providing patients with optimal medical services by preparing systems for patient referrals, response to treatment results, and patient return.

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Our Doctors

Dr. Junseok Bae

President of Wooridul Hospital , M.D., Dept. of Neurosurgery ,Specialist, FABMISS

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Dr. Sang Ha Shin

Neurosurgery , M.D., Yonsei University College of Medicine - Graduation from Yonsei University College of Medicine

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Dr. Sang Soo Eun

Orthopedic Surgery , Ph.D , M.D, FRCS, Specialist, FABMISS

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Dr. Han Joong Keum

Chief of Wooridul International Patient Center , M.D., Yonsei University college of medicine, FRCS,

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Dr. Sang-Ho Lee

Chairman Wooridul Spine Hospital , MD, Ph.D.

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